​​Refugee Resources

​The federal Office of Refugee Resettlement, in coordination with the California Department of Social Services and its five subcontracted Resettlement Agencies within Sacramento County, are responsible for organizing the housing and follow up services for refugees coming to the US. The county has several responsibilities when it comes to assisting this population at this time and has been in regular communication with our federal and state partners in preparation.

Department of Health Services (DHS)

DHS receives funding from the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) to provide required federal health assessment services and linkages to health care services and other needed resources, such as food and transportation.  These services are provided by our Refugee Health Assessment Program within the Sacramento County Primary Care Center (PCC).  Refugees are currently eligible for emergency Medi-Cal for their ongoing health care needs. 

​Sacramento County Health Center
4600 Broadway
​Sacramento, CA 95820​
(916) 874-9670

Our Behavioral Health​ Services Division ​is both providing general mental health resources to all arriving individuals and families, as well as coordinating clinical mental health care for those in need. ​Call (916) 875-1055​ for services.

​Department of Human Assistance (DHA)

DHA is responsible for ensuring refugees are assessed for and obtain the public assistance they are eligible for. Along with other housing partners, DHA has been engaged in discussions about how to address the housing and shelter needs of those arriving. 

DHA manages the Refugee Cash Assistance Program (RCA) which provides federal cash payments to refugee single adults for eight months from the refugee's date of entry into the United States. Eligible RCA recipients receive cash assistance based on the CalWORKs Maximum Aid Payment (MAP). Families may also be eligible for the CalWORKs Program for cash assistance. In addition to these cash benefits, SIV holders may be eligible to receive:

  • CalFresh benefits,
  • Medi-Cal benefits,
  • Homeless Assistance, which includes 16 days of Temporary Shelter,
  • Allowances for therapeutic diets,
  • Pregnancy special needs; and,​
  • Loss of items that may have occurred after arrival in California. 

​Applications can be accepted at these locations:

Galt Bureau
257 South Lincoln Way
Galt, CA 95632

Fulton Avenue Bureau
2700 Fulton Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95821

North Highlands Bureau
5747 Watt Avenue
North Highlands, CA 95660

Research Drive Bureau

3960 Research Drive
Sacramento, CA 95838

South Area Multi-program Bureau
2450 Florin Road
Sacramento, CA 95822

Online Applications can also be accepted at: MyBenefits​ CalWIN 

In addition to County services, many other local organizations will play a role in supporting Afghan refugees. 

For instance, the Sacramento Employment​ and Training Agency (SETA) contracts with services providers who directly provide these services. Employment Services include: 

  • English-as-a-second language (ESL) instruction,
  • Cultural orientation,
  • Pre-employment skills training, and
  • Social services assistance to help overcome obstacles to employment​