​​​​​​Fraud Hotline

 If You See It, Report It!
It’s Up To You To Report Fraud, Waste or Abuse…
Sacramento County takes reports of fraud seriously and investigates all reports thoroughly.  The Sacramento County Fraud Hotline is for reporting suspected fraud, misconduct or abuse by Sacramento County employees, contractors and vendors.
Anyone can report fraud, waste or abuse and retaliation of any sort will not be tolerated by Sacramento County.

Fraud Hotline 

 ​*(T​DD callers should call 1-800-735-2929 or 711 for California Relay Service)
When making a report, provide as much detail as possible so that your report can be fully investigated, such as: who, what, where and when. 
If requested, and contact information is given, a response will be provided regarding the report within five business days on the progress. 
The names of those reporting fraud are kept confidential to the fullest extent of the law and reports can be made anonymously.

More Fraud Hotlines

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    • ​Office Reception 916.874.6218
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