​​​E-mail and Text U​pdates from Sacramento County

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envelope imageIt’s free and easy to sign up for updated information on specific subscription topics for news & information via email or text message.

​​You​​ choose items of interest and the frequency of notifications​

 To subscribe to receive news and information updates:

  • Choose the type of your subscription delivery – Email or Text
  • Type your email address or 10-digit mobile/wireless number and click submit
    • If you choose SMS/Text, choose topics with the mobile/wireless icon 
  • Add subscription topics and click submit
  • Use the Settings Tab to set Email Delivery Frequency: immediate; daily; or weekly

Already a subscriber?

Access Subscriber Preference with your e-mail address or 10-digit mo​bile/wireless number to:

  • Add or delete topics
  • Set email delivery frequency
  • Change your email address
  • Modify password, or
  • Delete subscription/Unsubscribe: Go to the Preferences page; enter your email address and submit; Check the box next to the topic and submit; A deletion confirmation email will be sent.

About this service

Sacramento County use​s GovD​elivery to provide information more conveniently to citizens.

Privacy Policy

The Email and Text Updates is a free service provided by the County of Sacramento. Your e-mail address will only be used to deliver th​e requested information or to give you access to your profile of subscriptions. For more details, please read Sacramento County's Internet Privacy Policy. You may also read GovDelivery's Privacy/Security Policy.

Please send questions or comments to SacPortal@saccounty.net