Purpose, Mission, Vision, and Values


Core Purpose​

A core purpose is a statement that defines our organization's reason for being.

Enriching Communities to Thrive


A vision is a compelling conceptual image of the desired future.
This statement describes “what we want to be.”
We are a Premier, Trusted Employer and Organization, Serving Our Communities with Transparency, Courage and Innovation


A mission statement describes what we do every day for the community.
Improve residents’ quality of life by providing cost-effective public services while fostering economic health, regional cooperation and stewardship of community assets.


These values are the essential and enduring tenets​ of the County of Sacramento.
These guiding principles govern the way we make and carry out our decisions.

Our Values for Sacramento County are:
  • Principled, by that we mean we act with honesty and integrity, earning and maintaining trust.
  • Respect, by that we mean we listen and give voice to others and treat them with compassion, empathy and dignity.
  • Innovation, by that we mean we encourage creativity, look for and implement improvements, stretching our comfort zones.
  • Diversity and Inclusion, by that we mean we are committed to having a diverse workforce reflective of our community; we embrace differences in people, skills, knowledge, experiences and opinions and practice inclusive decision-making, collaboration and teamwork.
  • Excellence, by that we mean we are committed to investing in employees, being transparent, delivering high quality, responsive services.