Mission, Vision, and Values

Adopted by Board of Supervisors on May 24, 2011


A vision is a compelling conceptual image of the desired future.
This statement describes “what we want to be” in the twenty-first century.
Our Vision is for Sacramento County to be:
  • A County that is safe, prosperous and provides quality public services


Our mission statement defines why our organization exists.
It describes "what we want to do" for the community.
Our Mission for Sacramento County is to:
  • Improve residents’ quality of life by providing cost-effective public services while fostering economic health, regional cooperation and stewardship of community assets.


These values are the basic principles and beliefs for the County of Sacramento.
They govern the way we make and carry out our decisions.

Our Values for Sacramento County are:
  • Honesty, integrity and respect for the individual
  • Quality customer service
  • Respect for cultural and ethnic diversity
  • Clear communication and transparency
  • Efficiency and fiscal responsibility
  • Recognition of employee contributions
  • Exploration of partnerships and collaborations