​Governance Structure

The County has a charter form of government. It is governed by a five-member Board of Supervisors elected to serve four-year terms. The five members of the Board are elected on a non-partisan basis to serve four-year terms. Each is elected from one of the five supervisorial districts of the County. Supervisors from District 1District 2 and District 5 are elected in gubernatorial election years (2006, 2010, etc.) while supervisors from District 3 and District 4 are elected in presidential election years (2008, 2012, etc.) District boundaries are adjusted after every federal census to equalize district population. 

Other elected officials include the AssessorDistrict Attorney and Sheriff.  

The County Executive ​appointed by the Board of Supervisors runs the day-to-day business of the County.​

Supporting the delivery of County services are many Departments.

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