​County Seal, Logo and Flag

About the Seal:

Sacramento County Seal

The official Sacramento County seal was adopted by the Board of Supervisors on January 18, 1961, following a contest for an appropriate​ design.

The color scheme is basically blue and gold. The predominant graphic feature is the dome of the State Capitol, symbolizing Sacramento County as the seat of the state government. The Capitol dome is superimposed upon a golden brown parchment scroll which signifies the early historical background of this community for which John Sutter received a Mexican land grant from Governor Alvarado at Monterey in 1841.

Two of the most important historical events in the county's history are denoted by the Pony Express rider and the gold miner. The Pony Express rider symbolizes the fact that Sacramento was the western terminus of the Pony Express. The gold miner signifies the discovery of gold which touched off one of the greatest mass migrations in the nation's history. The date of February, 18, 1850, written on the lower edge of the scroll is the date Sacramento County and the other original counties were created by an act of the state legislature.

There are 31​ white stars in an outer circle around the field of blue. The stars symbolize California as the 31st state admitted to the Union.

About the Artist:

The original seal was designed by W. Roy Brinson. A native of Sacramento, Brinson studied art at the Dayton Art Institute in Dayton, Ohio, while he was stationed at Wright Patterson Air Force Base.

He was discharged from the Air Force in 1946 and went to work as a civil illustrator in the orientation group at Wright Patterson where he designed Air Force exhibits for showing to the public.

Brinson helped design the inaugural float for President Dwight D. Eisenhower's inauguration in 1952 and helped build the exhibits for the dedication of Idlewild International Airport in New York. 

He also had a part in designing Eisenhower's open skies exhibit which was shown in the Carnegie Building adjacent to the United Nations Building in New York.

About the Logo: 

Sacramento County also uses a promotional logo, developed in 2009, on many of its less formal communications. 


County Logo Images

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About the Flag:

Sacramento County Flag​ 

The official County of Sacramento flag is a symbol of our community and reflects our rich heritage. The com​position includes the official County seal, the official State flower, the poppy, and the official flower of Sacramento, the camellia.

Sacramento County and the other original counties of California were created by an act of the State Legislature on February 18, 1850. The 31 white stars in the blue circle symbolize California as the 31st state admitted to the Union.

About the Artist:

The County’s flag was created by County employee Ray Onga of the Planning and Community Development Department and first used in 1992.