Law and Justice

Volunteers will have an important role in local and national efforts to better prepare our communities to deal with terrorism, crime, public health issues and disasters of all kinds. You can help enhance the quality of life for all members living in the community. 

Coroner's Office - Investigations Division

The Sacramento County Coroner’s Office offers an internship in the investigations unit where students are required to a six months commitment and includes students that are currently enrolled in college. The interns are assigned to the investigations unit one day a week for the six month period. The interns primarily work on trying to identify the unidentified decedents that have died in Sacramento County over the years. They work with law enforcement agencies that have taken missing person’s reports and with other agencies in an attempt to identify these people. The interns also often work on special research assignments compiling statistics that assist in management and training project for the administrators of the Coroner’s Office. Contact the Coroner's Office for more information. 

Coroner's Office - Pathology Division

The objective of the morgue internship at the Sacramento Coroner’s office is to expose students to Criminal Justice experiences in the “real world.” The internship will provide a hands-on experience by exposing them to the laboratory environment where they will assist with forensic examinations. The experience is geared toward students that are interested in sciences like medicine, nursing and biology. It will give students an opportunity to see firsthand the role that forensic autopsy plays in the Criminal Justice system and assist them in making career decisions. This program is for college students, 18 years or older, enrolled in an applicable field of study at a local college or graduate students desiring real experience in the Coroner’s office. Interested Persons must be able to deal with a stressful environment and who can multitask. Meet the Pathology Team. Contact the Coroner's Office for more information. 

Sheriff Volunteer Services Bureau

The Sacramento County Volunteer Services Bureau is charged with building partnerships with the community to enhance programs in place and meet some of the new demands of Homeland Security. By increasing the level of participation of individual community members or groups, the Sheriff’s Department's goal is to create a better organized and better prepared response to any major emergency or disaster and enhance the quality of life for all members of the community. For more information on volunteer services, visit the Sheriff's Volunteer Services Bureau web page​ or e-mail

Probation Department Student Interns and Volunteers

There are two types of volunteers: student interns and citizen volunteers. Student interns are assigned to a division in the department based on their course of study, i.e., criminal justice, and are attending an accredited university or academic program for which they receive credit. Citizen volunteers are utilized at the Youth Detention Facility (Juvenile Hall) as chaplaincy volunteers, or assigned to programs to assist juveniles which include and are not limited to mentors and tutors. Other citizen volunteers are utilized in youth diversion programs. Citizen volunteers and student interns must complete an application and screening process, including a criminal background check, fingerprinting and Tuberculosis test. Both types of volunteers are assigned based on their experience. 

For more information on how to become a volunteer or student intern, visit the Sacramento County Probation Department website or contact Senior Deputy Probation Officer Cindy Coy at or 916-875-0364.​