​​What  You Can Do

  1. To link someone who is experiencing homelessness to services or information, contact Sacramento Steps Forward:info@sacstepsforward.org or 916-577-9770.

  2. Report signs of homeless encampments in your neighborhood to the 311 Call Center:
  3. If you witness criminal or dangerous activity, call 911 immediately.

  4. To find local help with criminal activity in the unincorporated area, contact a Sheriff Service ​Centers.


If you are interested in volunteering your time or donating to organizations that provide shelter and services to those experiencing homelessness, there are many to choose from in Sacramento County.

Cottage Housing for Serna Village
​El Hogar​​ Community Services
​First Step Communities
Next Move
​Sacramento​ Self-Help Housing​ 
Sacramento Steps Forward
​The Salvation Arm
​Transforming Lives, Cultivating Success (TLCS)
Turning Point Community Programs
Volunteers of America
Wellspace Health
WIND Youth Services
Women’s Empowerment Network

Reporting Neighborhood Concerns​

The County of Sacramento handles municipal services in the unincorporated area of the County. Services include (but are not limited to) responding to complaints about abandoned cars and graffiti. If you would like to report a neighborhood concern, please call 311 (or 875-4311 if you are calling from out of the area). You may also download the 311 mobile application to your phone to report concerns online. Your report will be directed to the ​appropriate department.

If you would like to report a homeless encampment in the South area of Sacramento County, please email the South County HOT Team, CentralHOT@sacsheriff.com or call 916-876-8309.

If you would like to report a homeless encampment in the North area of Sacramento County, please email Northhot@sacsheriff.com or call 916-874-1025.