​​What ​the County is Doing​​

​​Many of the existing County services ​and efforts aimed at combatting homelessness are not visible or well understood - particularly to those not using them. 

As the largest provider of social services in the county, Sacramento County offers an array of services aimed at helping individuals and families experiencing homelessness to regain health, income and permanent housing stability. 

The County has been, and will continue to be committed to funding and providing services, mitigating neighborhood impacts and promoting smart strategies and coordination related to those experiencing homelessness with compassion and dignity.

Sacramento County is working towards the goal of ending homelessness and ensuring every person that wants care, shelter and services receives them. ​

For a more in depth look at funding allocation, shelter allocation, transitional housing breakdown, mental health services, permanent supportive housing and additional resources, read the County Responding to Homelessness Fact Sheet.​