​Public Health Order -  Business FAQs

A “business” includes any for-profit, non-profit, or educational entity, whether a corporate entity, organization, partnership or sole proprietorship, and regardless of the service, function or its corporate or entity structure.​

For each facility frequented by the public or employees, prepare a substantive Social Dista​ncing Protocol and provided to each employee performing work at the facility. 

The protocol should address l​imiting the number of people to ensure six-foot distance around each person such as marking increments where lines form, provide hand sanitizer, soap and water near entrance and high-frequency interaction areas for the public and employees, provide contactless payment systems or disinfect touched surfaces, regularly disinfect other high-touch surfaces and post signs at the entrance to not enter if sick with cough or fever, maintain six foot distance from others, sneeze or cough into sleeve, do not shake hands or have unnecessary physical contact. 

Read Face Coverings FAQsCheck sector-specific guidance from the State.

Follow the best practices for allowable food facility operations. The National Restaurant Association has a great resource page. 

If they provide essential services as described in the Order, then yes they can and should continue providing those services. 

This would include non-profits operating food pantries, providing housing for homeless residents, and many other critical services.